Friday, February 6, 2009

Reasons to engage Kettle Valley Stone

Why CHOOSE Kettle Valley Stone Company Natural ‘Thin Veneer’?

The advantages of this cut stone are obvious:

1. Product can be used for either interior or exterior applications.

2. There is no need for strapping or additional foundation support.

3. Product can even be installed on normal drywall applications.

4. Masons will appreciate a faster and easier installation.

5. Product will have the appearance and feel of a full sized stone.

6. Our ‘Thin Veneer’ line can be incorporated with split and full-sized stone to enhance the

entire project.

7. Product continues to maintain the same natural stone advantages over synthetic stone.

8. Colour enhances with age.

9. Product will not chip, exposing untreated cement.

10. Product will not be affected by extreme weather conditions.

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