Friday, February 6, 2009

Architects and Designers Kelowna

Designers know it as TSV. The primary advantage of Thin Stone Veneer (TSV) is that it starts from the ground up. Thin Stone Veneer is basically a facing product that doesn't require a ledger, footings or wall ties like a full-sized stone. Veneer Stone does not need support footings underneath its structure supported by any footings underneath as it is supported by the wall. That adds up to quite a saving! The design only needs a conventional frame instead of the added structural elements required for full bed masonry.

Stone may be added at the last minute without much additional preparation. Within the parameters of a large project and from an engineering standpoint, these are significant savings, as they relate to structural reinforcement.

Thin Stone Veneer may be used to surface chimneys, dormers, and higher elevations that can't carry a heavy load. This process reflects cost savings for the overall project. Without having to carry a structural component all the way up, the resulting labour costs are significantly less with TSV:it goes up faster and easier than full-sized stone, because it is lighter. Putting up more square footage, without the structural issues associated with full size stone or brick, also means less stress on the mason working that day!

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